The Bomb Shelter, Akron’s Retro Superstore, asked us to design and build a website that would bring them out of the Cold War. Click here to visit the site.

This years campaign involves a guidebook as the companion piece to a redesigned website. Click here to visit the site.

Logo, flyer, website and Kickstarter campaign for

We updated and overhauled the entire Hasenstab Architects brand, including a new logo, company colors, responsive website, business cards, envelopes, pocket folder and proposal book. Business cards were letterpressed, cards and proposal covers were edge printed with green, envelopes were lined in green and the pocket folder and proposal covers feature a triangular corner cut to mirror the logo design. Click here to visit the site.

We produced various print and web materials for the University Park Alliance’s Arts Fair and Food Fest at Grace Park in Akron. A majority of the pieces were illustrated in house, and we did chalk drawings around the park the day of the festival.