The design game continues to be an incredible journey for 427 Design. And to celebrate our 8th year, our annual open house was 8-Bit themed. We screen printed awesome posters (per usual), sent out special invites made out of repurposed Nintendo game cartridges, built an interactive RSVP game (click here to view), created an interactive video game wall of old tube TVs, projected a custom marquee sign and screen printed some really rad t-shirts.

For our Lucky 7th year, our annual open house was Vegas-themed. We screen printed posters (and glittered some!); made postcard invites and vouchers for gambling; screen printed special felt invites; gave away buttons, matches and candy cigarettes; printed posters on felt; built a custom marquee sign and screen printed obnoxious t-shirts.

We also sent out an animated slot machine RSVP invite, and recorded the whole event from multiple viewpoints.

Collateral pieces for our sixth annual Open House included posters and t-shirts screenprinted in our print lab and a cowhide mailer that we screenprinted and branded with a custom branding iron.

Guests dined on pulled pork and cow pies, drank Kentucky Bourbon poured by an authentic, mustachioed bartender and took home hand-stamped, burlap sacks filled with the coolest goods this side of the Mississippi.

To celebrate the quinquennial anniversary of 427 Design’s launch, we decided on the theme of “Office Space Exploration” for our 5th annual open house. From a hand illustrated and animated RSVP, to glow-in-the-dark Space Buttons (from space) and a 5-color screenprinted poster, the event was an out-of-this-world success.

Our fourth annual open house centered around our constant battle in the fight against the ugliness, with a Mexican Luchador theme. We gave away screenprinted posters, luchador figurines with custom, screenprinted packaging and guests enjoyed hand made luchador mask cookies while throwing back delicious margaritas. ¡Qué noche de diversión!