For our Lucky 7th year, our annual open house was Vegas-themed. We screen printed posters (and glittered some!); made postcard invites and vouchers for gambling; screen printed special felt invites; gave away buttons, matches and candy cigarettes; printed posters on felt; built a custom marquee sign and screen printed obnoxious t-shirts.

We also sent out an animated slot machine RSVP invite, and recorded the whole event from multiple viewpoints.

In conjunction with American Greetings, we created custom illustrations and animation for these e-cards. Audio and art direction via American Greetings.

All content © American Greetings.

Every three years we re-design the admissions packet for Padua Franciscan High School. This informational packet goes out to middle school kids and their parents to aid them in choosing a high school and has included a video viewbook DVD, admissions brochure/poster and MedTrack brochure.

Awards: Gold ADDY award (district five); Three Gold ADDYs and one Silver ADDY (local)

Collateral pieces for our sixth annual Open House included posters and t-shirts screenprinted in our print lab and a cowhide mailer that we screenprinted and branded with a custom branding iron.

Guests dined on pulled pork and cow pies, drank Kentucky Bourbon poured by an authentic, mustachioed bartender and took home hand-stamped, burlap sacks filled with the coolest goods this side of the Mississippi.