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Get to Know: Kaitlin Meme (Pronounced: \ˈmē-mē\)

427 Design officially has its own Meme!

Not this kind of meme…


 This kind of Meme…


Tell us a little bit about you. Where did you grow up, your childhood memories, ya know, the early years. 

I grew up in the Cleveland area… I was pretty shy, quiet child, but definitely kept myself entertained by making things or playing outside. One of my fondest childhood memories was when my grandpa came to pick me up on a snow day in his convertible with the top down and heat as high as it could go. 

So you just graduated, huh? Tell us about that… 

It was weird, exciting, and bittersweet all at once. (Most people think I’ve only just graduated high school.) I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design from The University of Dayton Forever a Flyer! I received the Mary Ann Dunsky Award for Scholarship in the Visual Arts, Outstanding Senior in the Visual Arts, two Silver ADDYs, and a Bronze ADDY award over the past two years!

Well, well, well, Fancy Pants… BRAG MUCH?!

So your last name is Meme, which we are super excited about (clearly). Do you have a favorite meme (and we’re not asking you to choose between your family members)?

Personally, I think I should be credited with the invention of memes, though my life hasn’t changed too drastically since they’ve gone mainstream. Sadly, everyone thinks my name is pronounced this way, though. Surprisingly, I’m not an avid meme user, but I am fond of the “Oh Crap” meme, just because the drawing is so hilariously ugly. 

Three words to describe you:

Determined. Positive. Thoughtful.

Favorite Quote:

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Winnie the Pooh

What’s on your iPod?

Twenty One Pilots, The Format, Eric Hutchinson, Regina Spektor, Paramore…

You beat out thousands of intern candidates last year. And after that grueling experience, you’re back?

Somehow you crazy people lured me back. No, but for real, I love it here, and am amazed by the quality of work and amount of fun that can be had while doing it.

But seriously, you’re regretting not taking that job in Cincitucky aren’t you? 

What was your first impression of 427 Design?

I was scared of Justin.

Everyone says that. Get it together, Tokos. 

What do you hope to have accomplished in five years? Ten?

I hope to have played a crucial part in some sort of big award winning project.

Stick with us, kid…

And maybe even give a cool presentation or talk at a convention or something to inspire students in the field. Who knows!

 If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

It would definitely be bilocation… one of me could be at work and another one of me could be ANYWHERE.

Favorite word?


Least favorite word?

Fabulous. It’s just annoying.

What sound do you love?

Cellos… I could listen to someone play all day.

What sound do you hate?

Clocks that tick loudly…they make me crazy.

What is your favorite curse word?

“Shit” is usually what comes out of my mouth when I’m messing things up so…that’s what I’m going with.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

“Ya done good,” accompanied by a high five, or something to that extent.

What inspires you, and why?

Nature/the outdoors…there’s always something beautiful to see, and it helps clear my mind.






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  1. Jayne Whitaker

    I MISS MEME. But I’m glad she is being recognized for her excellence and attitude!

  2. Kevin Rosenbaum

    Hello, I found your name on University of Dayton’s website as a former U of D graphic design student. Our daughter is considering attending there for graphic design and I wonder if you would be so kind to tell me how you found their graphics program. Thanks. Kevin

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